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BPC157 (Injury Support) 5mg/vial - Apoxar

BPC157 (Injury Support) 5mg/vial - Apoxar

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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: HGH & Peptides

Dosage and packing: 5mg per vial, 1 vial

BPC stands for Body Protection Compound. This substance has a wide range of organ protective effects under stress. The stomach secretes this type of proteins and peptides along with gastric juice under the influence of stress factors, including injuries and various diseases. Scientists have conducted numerous studies on BPC157, which show that it has a protective effect that extends far beyond the stomach and intestinal tract:

  • Heals broken bones, sprained ligaments and wounds;
  • Promotes rapid regeneration of ALL body tissues (bone, muscle, connective and tendons);
  • Stimulates the digestive system;
  • Increases the expression of the growth hormone receptor;
  • Improves blood flow and strengthens vessels.

A lot also depends on the quality of the drug. When buying something online, there is always a risk of stumbling upon scammers who dilute drugs or even send the wrong thing. We have conducted an independent examination and have all legal certificates. You will receive exactly what you ordered, all drugs of the highest quality.

BPC157 - Injury Support Peptide

BPC157 is a natural peptide. Our body produces it, so it is totally harmless. BPC157 stands aside from other peptides because of its amazing healing abilities. And if you usually need to pay a high price for such quality then this is another case, because BPC157:

  • Has no side effects;
  • Has an analgesic effect;
  • Has strong anti-inflammatory properties; 
  • Has the best quality in the market (3rd party lab tested).

Apoxar, as a proven and long-standing seller on the market, recommends BPC157 and guarantees its quality.

BPC157 Benefits: 

  • Permanent healing of the most severe injuries or wounds;
  • Protects organs from toxins and damage;
  • Gives better appetite and healthier stomach;
  • Improves the performance of the immune and nervous systems;
  • Accelerate bone healing;
  • Pharmacy grade quality;
  • 3rd party lab-tested, independent check.

BPC157 treats not only the consequences but also the problem itself with no drawbacks, permanently!

Protocol and Results

The typical dosage is 250-350 mcg twice a day. Do not exceed 500-700 mcg per day.

In most cases, BPC-157 is administered for four weeks followed by two weeks of rest. As a rule, a four-week cycle does the job. Higher dosages or longer cycles often can not solve any problems while only causing new ones. We took care of the quality (it is proven by an independent check), so you can calmly follow the instructions and get well soon!

BPC157 Dosage and Cycle: 

  • Cycle depends on the severity of the injury;
  • 1-2 week is an average cycle length; 
  • Take 500 mcg every day.

Important Details on BPC157:

  • The drug requires injections;
  • Store the drug in the fridge and warm it before using;
  • Premium quality guaranteed by Apoxar and independent check helps you recover even faster. 

BPC157 Benefits

Peptides in bodybuilding are becoming more and more popular every year. This is due to the fact that they give really noticeable results and are used in many areas — from gaining muscle mass to treating injuries. BPC157 is on of the best injury supporting compounds and has whole range of different benefits:

  • Good at healing tendons and ligaments - the hardest area to heal;
  • Tremendous skeletal muscle healing;
  • Accelerates the restoration of blood flow;
  • Heals wounds and burns, both on the skin and inside the body;
  • Improves mood and strengthens the psyche.

We conducted an independent 3rd party lab test and GUARANTEE that you will get the high quality Apoxar compound, as promised on the vial.

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