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HGH Nurotropin - Growth Hormone 100IU

HGH Nurotropin - Growth Hormone 100IU

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Substance: HGH - Growth Hormone

Dosage and packing: 10 iu/vial (10 vials) + solvent

Growth Hormone - great for muscle gains, which stays after cycle. Recommended for fat loss and injury healing. One of the most popular anti-aging compounds.

  • For muscle growth in begginers: 5-8IU per day.
  • For weight loss and anti-aging: 2-3IU per day.
  • Cycle Duration: 3-6 months for optimal results.

Quality Guaranteed: Lab Test Results

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What is HGH?

HGH is a peptide hormone of the anterior pituitary gland, which is used in sports to form muscle definition. The original human growth hormone Somatropin is an identical synthetic version of the growth hormone that is naturally produced by the human body.

Growth hormone causes a pronounced acceleration of growth in length in young people, mainly due to the growth of long tubular bones of the extremities. It is responsible for many of our development and growth processes, including the stimulation of insulin-like growth factor 1.

It is very often used by athletes in bodybuilding, as it provides not only growth, but also a significant increase in muscle mass. And when combined with anabolic steroids, it will contribute to a host of other benefits, including fat loss, recovery, and rejuvenation.

In plus, HGH is very beneficial for its anti-aging properties, in which case the body is optimized for maximum performance. It affects some of the most important body processes that increase energy by improving sleep quality, bones, joints, and overall body appearance.


  • Classification: Peptide Hormone
  • Active Half-life: 3 hours
  • Dosage: 2-3IU a day
  • Water Retention: No
  • Aromatization: No

HGH Benefits

Growth hormone has many benefits, and most importantly, you won't find them on any anabolic steroids. Let's take a look at them:

  • It is a powerful peptide that will be a good addition to any steroid cycle as it will greatly enhance its effects.
  • It provides many positive effects on joints, skin, bones, recovery, sleep, and mood.
  • It can be safely used by women without the risk of male side effects, since it does not contain testosterone like most anabolic steroids.
  • The substance is beneficial for experienced steroid users who have already achieved high results. Growth hormone supplementation will further improve your physique and strength levels when used with powerful steroids.

Highly regarded for:

  • Strengthens joints, tendons and bones
  • Accelerates recovery during exercise
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces body fat
  • Improves metabolic rate
  • Helps to achieve a fuller, heavier physique
  • Improves the quality of the skin
  • Improves sleep quality

How to Take HGH?

The substance is injected subcutaneously, usually in the abdomen, thigh, or deltoid muscle. Use 28-30g insulin needle (syringe). Your dosage will depend on your intended use and fitness level. Advanced athletes usually use growth hormone, so the standard dosage is 2-3IU daily.

Beginners are advised to start at 2iu daily and gradually work up to 6iu. Do not take more, as this increases the risk of side effects, and growth hormone is effective even in low doses. More advanced users can increase the dosage slightly, keeping in mind that the risk of side effects will also increase.

Use of the substance is at least 8-12 weeks, but usually for a minimum of 16 weeks, up to 24 weeks, what is ideal for most users to get the best results.


Growth hormone does not affect your testosterone and does not cause any androgenic or estrogenic side effects, which means that PCT is not required after it.

However, if you are using it as a supplement to your steroid cycle, then it will be required. In this case, Nolvadex and HCG should be used after the cycle.

  • Gonadotropin during your cycle and one and a half months after your cycle to maintain results and prevent testosterone suppression. (2 injections per week, 2000-3000IU/day for 4 weeks)
  • Nolvadex (40mg/day for 2 weeks, then 40mg/day for next 2 weeks)

Female Use

Women will be able to use the peptide, as it will not cause virilization side effects. It has the same benefits and efficacy for the female body. It is recommended not to take more than 1iu or 2iu daily.

HGH Cycles

Since growth hormone will most often play an additional role in your cycle, its use will depend on which steroids you are taking it with.

It is important to note that the substance is not fast-acting, so it must be taken for at least 8 weeks.

Beginner HGH Cycle

To gain muscle mass and burn fat, beginners are advised to combine growth hormone with Testosterone Cypionate.

  • Growth hormone use 4 IU per day for at least 16 weeks
  • Testosterone Cypionate 400 mg weekly only in the second half of the cycle

PCT is required

Intermediate HGH Cycle

For continuing users, the combination with Trenbolone is a powerful stack that will significantly increase mass gain, along with Testosterone Cypionate.

  • Growth hormone up to 3-6 IU per day
  • Trenbolone Enanthate 400 mg weekly
  • Testosterone Cypionate 400 mg weekly

The duration of the cycle is from 16 to 24 weeks

In this case, Nolvadex and HCG as PCT should be used after the cycle. 

Advanced HGH Cycle

Advanced users can use the substance with Anavar, Trenbolone, Cytomel, and Testosterone. For instance:

  • Growth hormone 4-6 IU per day
  • Trenbolone Enanthate 400 mg per week (in the second half of the cycle)
  • Testosterone Enanthate 100 mg per week (in the second half of the cycle)
  • Anavar 80 mg daily for the past 8 weeks
  • T3 75 mcg every day for the past 8 weeks

The duration of this cycle is 16 to 24 weeks

PCT is required.

Possible Side Effects and How to Avoid Them

Growth hormone does not induce androgenic or estrogenic side effects, nor does it suppress testosterone levels, so effects such as gynecomastia or hair loss will definitely not occur. However, when the recommended dosages are increased, the substance can cause:

  • joint pain
  • numbness of hands and feet
  • hypothyroidism
  • development of type 2 diabetes
  • growth of bones and organs

All these effects can occur only when the recommended dosages are increased. In this case, lower it, and soon they should pass.

If you had hypothyroidism, take standard treatments such as sodium liothyronine, which is a synthetic thyroid hormone.

Type 2 diabetes can occur in the short term and is due to its effects on blood sugar and decreased insulin sensitivity. This effect is only possible in those with a problem or predisposition to diabetes.

Popular HGH Q&A

What effects does HGH provide?

Athletes very often use the substance in bodybuilding. It is widely renowned for its benefits of promoting fat loss, working effectively with steroids to enhance their effects, improving your results, and many other benefits.

It will be a great addition to your cutting cycle, speeding up your metabolism and delivering more energy, as well as doubling your results and efforts to a weight gain cycle. Regardless of your goals, adding HGH to your steroid cycle will dramatically improve your results.

Be sure to follow a balanced diet and exercise regimen so you will be as close as possible to achieving your desired goal.

How is growth hormone different from steroids?

Growth hormone is not an anabolic steroid, a specific male hormone. It is considered quite safe for use in mild to moderate doses. It will be a great addition to your steroid cycle.

The main difference from anabolic steroids is that it does not cause androgenic or estrogenic side effects like gynecomastia, acne or hair loss. It also does not suppress estrogen levels, which is also very beneficial.

What are the negative effects of HGH?

The growth hormone does not cause the adverse effects of androgens, aromatization, or testosterone suppression, unlike anabolic steroids. It is considered a safe and good addition to a variety of steroid cycles.

However, it can cause headaches, joint pain, and numbness of the hands or feet at very high dosages. These effects are infrequent and occur when the recommended dose is increased, and they also quickly disappear after the dose is reduced.

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