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PT-141 (Libido/Sex drive) 10mg - Apoxar

PT-141 (Libido/Sex drive) 10mg - Apoxar


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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: HGH & Peptides

Literally a sex drive in a vial. PT-141 is a relatively new peptide, approved by the FDA for treatment of sexual activity issues. It can give both men and women: 

  • Increase in libido;
  • Literally — a desire to have sex;
  • For men — up to 8 hours of the effects on erection (not an 8-hour-long erection, but an ability to get and maintain it easily in that period);
  • For both men and women: increased energy;
  • All of it — in a safe way and with guaranteed Apoxar premium quality. 

It’s more expensive than Viagra, but it causes NO blood pressure issues. PT-141 is an officially approved way to restore your sex drive in the safest possible manner. 

PT-141 Peptide - Libido Booster

PT-141, also known as Bremelanotide, is a modified version of a more common (yet less safe) peptide Melanotan. In fact, it IS Melanotan, but the formula is altered so the compound doesn’t cause the much-anticipated (and simply dangerous) blood pressure issues. 

Athletes that suffer from temporary libido issues, caused by the anabolic steroids side effects, are probably first in the line of people who can benefit from PT-141. 

Unlike Viagra, PT-141 by Apoxar affects both the blood vessels and the hypothalamus area in your brain to increase sex drive and libido. The very first version was made in a form of nasal spray, but it caused BP spikes and was discontinued. 

PT-141 was safe enough to pass the FDA approval trials. It’s the first peptide that’s proven to be safe and approved on a national level. With Apoxar, you can rest assured that the compound is safe and pure. 

PT-141 Benefits: 

  • Libido booster with no side effects;
  • World’s first FDA-approved peptide;
  • Insane sex drive for BOTH men and women;
  • Pharm-grade quality;
  • 3rd party lab-tested, independent check.

PT-141 Cycle and Results

There’s no specific guideline on using PT-141 by Apoxar. You can get in an official prescription from your doctor if you have a diagnosed erectile disfunction (or other sexual disorders that result in inability to have sex). You can use it occasionally as well. It’s mostly recommended for: 

To get the effects, Bremelanotide injection is required in 2-3 hours before the supposed sexual activity. Note that the compound’s half-life is about 8 hours long. 

The dosage is based on your stats, body mass, height, and age. The older and bigger you are — the more PT-141 you need. The most common dosage is between 1 and 4 mg. 

The result is — guaranteed erection, increased pleasure, insane sex drive, and a small extra benefit in the form of slightly healthier skin tone. 

PT-141 Dosage and Cycle:

  • Required right before the sexual act;
  • 1-4 mg 2-3 hours before the action;
  • No need for a classic “cycle”.

Important Details on PT-141:

  • The safest peptide on the market in terms of side effects;
  • Additional benefit — tanning;
  • One more extra benefit: increased energy level.

PT-141 Benefits

The major benefit, mitigated through the Hypothalamus effects, is simple: you WANT and you CAN have sex on PT-141, if needed — for hours (and multiple times in the span of 8 hours, if needed, as well). The list of unique benefits includes: 

  • Easier-to-get and strengthened erections for men;
  • Totally controllable sexual desire peaks for women;
  • Stimulation of both the hypothalamus and the nerve endings, responsible for sexual activity (more pleasure during sex).

Additional benefit is tanning: since the drug is based on Melanotan that was used to get a healthier, more tanned skin tone, and improve its condition, PT-141 is also capable of causing the effect. 

The skin tone changes that you get from Bremelanotide are mild and bear no risks of classic tanning under the sun or in a solarium, like skin cancer. Besides, you get a slight change — not a full-scale tan. 

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