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Helios (Weight Loss) 55.5mg/50tabs - Innovagen

Helios (Weight Loss) 55.5mg/50tabs - Innovagen

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Brand: Innovagen

Substance: Weight Loss Blends

Dosage and packing: 55.5mg/50tabs

Innovagen Helios tablet contains:

50mg Caffeine
2.5mg Yohimbine
2.5mg Albuterol
0.5mg Nicotine

- Causes surge of energy, increases endurance, increased strength, speeds up metabolism, accelerates recovery processes after workout

- treats erectile dysfunction and stimulate male libido, promotes weight loss, suppresses appetite, effective fat burner

- elevates mood by increasing domapine production

- dosage 1-3 tablets daily

Helios 55.5mg/50tabs - Slimming Blend by Innovagen

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