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Noopept (Smart Drug) 20mg/ml - Innovagen

Noopept (Smart Drug) 20mg/ml - Innovagen

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Brand: Innovagen

Substance: Smart Drugs

Noopept - cognitive and mood enhancer, stress reliever, remove brain fog, improve memory and focus.

Usage: Inject 10-30mg/day subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

Cycle Duration: 1-2 months.

After the cycle it's recommended to take a month-long break.



Noopept is an ampakine nootropic that provides a moderate increase in cognitive functions and has a subtle psychostimulating effect. It is a brand name for N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. Noopept promotes the formation of new neurons and improves neuroplasticity, learning, long-term memory, and protects the brain from the effects of toxic substances such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and others. 

It does not accumulate in the body, and there is no withdrawal syndrome when the drug is discontinued. It does not damage internal organs, does not have a toxic effect on the immune system, and does not change hematological and biochemical parameters. The substance is used by students, workers, athletes, and only those who want to improve reflexes, perception, logical thinking, and mood. 

The drug begins to act and shows therapeutic effects after a week from the start of administration, first, irritability or anxiety decreases, then sleep disturbances improve. And after 2-3 weeks of use, the drug has a positive effect on cognitive functions, attention and memory parameters. 

Noopept Benefits:

  • Increases Nerve Growth Factor and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, as a result, brain function and memory improve. 
  • The drug increases the activity of brain waves alpha and beta; thus, you become calmer and more creative, solve matters and issues faster and more efficiently, and your creativity and resourcefulness increase. 
  • It has a calming effect that affects your overall well-being and helps you treat everything more thoughtfully. 
  • Concentration and alertness also become better, this effect is similar to that of coffee, but ampakines usually do not cause side effects with prolonged use. 
  • Increases verbal fluidity - your speaking skills improve, vocabulary becomes easier. Users report that they become more outgoing, friendly, and less shy. 

Indications for use:

  • Memory and attention disorders. 
  • Emotionally labile disorders 
  • Decreased intellectual productivity 
  • Fatigue. 
  • The consequences of traumatic brain injury. 
  • Asthenic disorders.

Administration & Dosage 

The drug is taken orally, after meals. Your dosage will vary depending on what you need it for. You can take one 10mg tablet three times a day or two tablets (20mg) 2 times a day, which is more common. 

The positive effects from the use of Noopept are enhanced with prolonged and constant use; therefore, it is recommended to take the substance three months, then take a break for a month. This cycle can be repeated as many times as you like. 

  • In case of memory impairment, attention, and emotionally labile disorders you should take 20 mg, divided into two doses (morning and afternoon). 
  • With insufficient effectiveness of therapy and good tolerability of the drug, increase the dose to 30 mg per day (the last amount of which should be no later than 18 hours).

Do not take medicine if you have individual intolerance to the substance, impaired liver and kidney function, and under the age of 18. 

Side Effects

The drug has almost no contraindications and side effects; it is a safe supplement, even in high doses. In rare cases, it is possible: 

  • increased irritability 
  • impairment of short-term memory at the initial stages of admission 
  • allergic reactions 
  • increased blood pressure

These effects are possible when the initial dose is too high or a new substance in the body. They usually go away within a week after you start taking Noopept. 

If you have increased the dose (more than 20-30 mg), have been taking the drug for a long time or taken at the same time with other medications, as a result of which side effects have appeared, then it is recommended to consult a doctor.


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