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Ibutamoren - MK-677 (Oral HGH) 10mg/50tabs - NEO Sarms

Ibutamoren - MK-677 (Oral HGH) 10mg/50tabs - NEO Sarms

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Brand: NeoSARMS

Substance: MK-677 - Ibutamoren

Dosage and packing: 10mg/50tabs

MK-677 increases Growth Hormone secretion, which is one of the most desirable hormones for athletes and bodybuilders. It has minimal side effects and allows you to retain most of your post-cycle results

  • Usage: 20-30 mg/day
  • Cycle Duration: 8-12 weeks
  • PCT doesn't required

Quality Guaranteed: See 3rd Party Laboratory Test


What is MK677?

MK 677 is a growth hormone secretion stimulant that increases IGF-1 and growth hormone levels. Many athletes use it to accelerate muscle tissue growth. It has an anabolic effect and became famous because it does not cause suppression of testosterone levels.

It imitates the hormone ghrelin's work and stimulates GH production; as a result, it improves memory, biological rhythms, increases mood and appetite. Besides, it is particularly great in terms of recovery, brain function, and sleep quality, making it more than just a bulking agent but a drug for improving the overall health of the body.

Ibutamoren (active substance) does not interfere with the work of other hormones in your body; on the contrary, it helps the metabolism work better, speeds up the recovery period, and correctly distributes energy.


  • Classification: SARM
  • Active Half-life: 24 hours
  • Dosage: 10-30mg a day
  • Water Retention: No
  • Aromatization: No

MK677 Benefits

  • Builds lean muscles - it promotes new muscle cells' growth. Thus, it increases protein synthesis, strength, energy, and your recovery rate after exercises. This is the main reason most athletes choose the MK-677. Because it can very effectively increase hormones important for growth, it is an excellent compound for building muscle.
  • Helps lose fat - this is an excellent benefit that both burns fat you don't need and helps to build muscle mass. It helps to maintain your existing muscles while you go through the fat-burning phase.
  • Increases bone density - it affects bone metabolism, which is also very beneficial for many users. It increases bone mineral density, helping to reduce the risk of fractures.
  • Improves the condition of your skin, hair, and nails - due to GH's interaction with skin cells, the substance improves their condition.
  • Better brain function and healthier sleep - gradually, your memory and the quality of sleep improves, resulting in the fastest recovery and increase in strength. A good night's sleep every night is critical to your recovery process when your body is in perfect condition to release growth hormone naturally. Being in good health and having more strength and energy for training, are the results from Ibutamoren that will not be long in coming.
  • Does not disrupt the work of such important hormones as insulin, cortisol, thyrotropin, thyroxine, glucose, and T3.

How to Take MK677?

The drug is taken orally with a small amount of water. The standard dosage is 10-30mg per day. The most advanced users can increase up to 50mg per day. It is recommended to divide the intake of the substance by 2 times.

It is best to use 20 mg per day for weight loss, for muscle building - 30 mg, and for recovery from injuries, you should take 10-15 mg. The optimal cycle duration is 8-12 weeks.

Ibutamoren can be combined with other substances such as Rad140 and S23 for more effective results.


Once you have finished taking a substance, PCT is not required because it does not affect other hormones.

MK677 Cycles

The substance is most often used as the only compound in a cycle, as it already yields excellent results. However, continuing users can combine it for better efficiency. Let's take a look at the different cycle variants:

MK-677 only cycle

This is a powerful compound, so you can safely use it in 10-20mg doses. The cycle should be 12 weeks.

MK-677 bulking cycle

You can use the only MK at a dose of 10-20 mg per day or combine it with LGD-4033. Use Ibutamoren 10-20mg per day for 12 weeks and LGD-4033 10mg per day for 8 weeks. At week 9, you can start compulsory PCT, as you use 2 substances in the stack. (use Nolvadex or Clomid).

Stacking MK-677

Ibutamoren can be combined with some SARMs or steroids, depending on your goals.

If you want to burn fat, then use MK-677 with CardarinŠµ.

To gain muscle mass, use Ibutamoren with Testolone.

Possible Side Effects and How to Avoid Them

Ibutamoren does not have strong expressive side effects. It does not aromatize, so there are NO estrogen-related side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention or high blood pressure.

It also has no androgenic activity, so you will NOT experience hair loss or acne, and women will not experience virilization. The drug does not suppress natural testosterone levels and has no negative effect on the liver.

Popular MK677 Q&A

What effects does MK677 provide?

Ibutamoren is an excellent substance for gaining muscle mass and increasing strength; in addition, it speeds up the metabolism, which allows the body to more efficiently convert and use energy, which is the main principle for effective muscle growth and fat burning. It also has a positive effect on sleep functions, increasing energy and improving the body's general condition, favorable for any athlete's purpose.

Whatever your goal is - to build muscle, lose weight, or recover faster, with a comprehensive approach, a balanced diet, and regular training, the result will be excellent.

The longer you take the drug, the more influential the results will be. It speeds up your metabolism, improves the quality of your skin, hair, and your sleep, helps with recovery, and all this does not have any severe side effects.

Do you need PCT after Ibutamoren?

The drug does not affect testosterone production, so PCT is not required if you are using this only compound. However, if you combine it with steroids or any other vitamins that can cause testosterone suppression, then it will need to be done.

Even though PCT is not needed, the body should be given a break from taking Ibutamoren and any other compounds. That is, do not use any substances for at least 2 months, and preferably four or more.

Is MK 677 toxic to the liver?

The substance is safe for the liver when the recommended dosages and cycle times are observed. Only in very high doses and long-term constant use Ibutamoren can pose a danger to the liver and other organs.

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