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Cytomel T3 - Fat Loss 25mcg/100tabs - Apoxar

Cytomel T3 - Fat Loss 25mcg/100tabs - Apoxar

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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: Cytomel - T3

Dosage and packing: 25 mcg/tab (100 tabs)

T3, aka Liothyronine Sodium, is the most effective non-steroidal metabolic rate stimulant you can get. It mimics the Thyroid hormone and can give you: 

  • Rapid and safe fat burning;
  • Limited fat gains even on the worst diet;
  • Significantly increased metabolic rate;
  • Reduced appetite;
  • Slightly increased body temperature (so the calories burn even more effectively);
  • guaranteed effect because of the Apoxar premium quality.

It's natural, a bit complex, but a guaranteed way to reduce your body fat and get a lean look, with all the vascularity, good-shaped V zone, and a shredded 6-pack.