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HGH - Somatropin 10iu/vial - Apoxar

HGH - Somatropin 10iu/vial - Apoxar

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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: HGH - Growth Hormone

Dosage and packing: 10iu

Growth Hormone - recommended for muscle building, fat loss, anti-aging and injury healing. The Result is: great muscle gains, which stays after cycle.

  • Great muscle gains, which stays after cycle.
  • Recommended for fat loss and injury healing.
  • One of the most popular anti-aging compounds.
  • Usage: 2-3iu's for healing/anti-aging, 4-6iu's for muscle growth in begginers and up to 10iu's per day for professional bodybuilders.
  • Cycle Duration: For the best result run HGH a minimum of 6 months

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)


HGH (Human Growth Hormone), or Somatropin, is a synthetic equivalent of human growth hormone naturally produced by the body. It is sometimes called an anabolic steroid, but in fact, it is a peptide hormone and is different in functions and traits from steroids. Unlike steroids, HGH is not a male hormone, so it can be safely used by females as well, without side effects like virilization.

The growth hormone exists in the body at especially high rates during childhood and decreases with age. It has many beneficial traits, and is used to treat different conditions like growth disorders in children, and even prescribed to the aging people due to its rejuvenation effect.

Somatropin creates an anabolic environment in the body and promotes lipolysis (fat loss), which is why it’s so popular among bodybuilders. It also stimulates the IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor 1) production, helps with recovery, and improves sleep quality. HGH is usually combined with steroids because it can extremely enhance the effects of steroid cycles.


HGH is highly anabolic, and it can improve not only your body, but also your mood, sleep, and overall well-being. This makes it an ideal compound for almost any cycle, especially in the advanced stack, where a user wants to enhance the results and go beyond the limits. This sought-after drug has become so popular because of numerous benefits:

Increased metabolism and body fat reduction

This makes it a perfect compound for a cutting cycle with powerful anabolic steroids. HGH ensures that your stored fat is used as energy, and doesn’t involve existing muscles in this process, so you know you won’t lose them.

Your physique will also look harder and more defined, and you’ll get more energy throughout the day, which is crucial for a cutting phase when your calorie intake is low.

Growth of lean muscle tissue

Somatropin is not very effective in mass gain when used alone at a moderate dosage, but it will truly boost your muscle growth if you stack it with potent bulking steroids. If you increase the dosage, you will also benefit from this hormone used alone but remember that with higher doses come more side effects.

Better recovery

This hormone will help your muscles recover faster, as well as add strength to your bones, joints, and tendons. Besides, your sleep will improve, which lets you exercise and rest more efficiently, and improves your overall well-being. It is very effective in healing even when used alone.

All in all, Somatropin is considered to have a powerful anti-aging effect, because of all of these functions. It is popular among women as well because there are no masculinization symptoms to talk about. Besides, your sleep quality significantly improves, and your skin becomes healthier and looks brighter.


Somatropin is an injectable hormone, but unlike steroids, it can be injected both subcutaneously or intramuscularly. It’s more efficient to apply it under the skin (subcutaneously) because this way, it has better bioavailability. The hormone has a half-life of about 4-5 hours, and some recommend splitting up daily shots. In fact, by stimulating IGF-1 production, which is responsible for the final result, effects can last for more than 24 hours.

The dosage largely depends on your goal and experience. If you’re a beginner, start with 2-4IU a day, as this will already give you impressive results. However, it’s much more common for this hormone to be taken by intermediate and advanced users, as they seek to boost the results from a steroid cycle. The dosage for more experienced users is 8IU’s daily, providing that your goal is to lose fat or get an anti-aging effect.

If you aim at gaining muscle mass, your dosage should be more than 4IUs a day, sometimes it’s even 12-16IUs. You won’t grow much if you use HGH alone, especially at doses lower than 4IUs. So it’s better to stack the hormone with bulking steroids as that’s where you’ll get the most out of it.

It should be noticed that with this hormone, you won’t get fast results. You’ll start noticing them in about 12-week time, and a usual cycle length is not less than 16 weeks. 24 weeks is considered to be a maximum duration, from which you can get the best, long-term results.

Remember to start low, and then increase the dosage. Even if you’re an advanced user, you won’t bear 8IUs daily straight away. Start from 2-4IUs, depending on your experience, and increase the dose every few weeks, or even a month, if youк final goal is 8IUs.


HGH is a side-effect friendly drug as long as you stick to moderate doses. If Somatropin is abused, it can lead to very serious consequences, such as head and organ enlargement. However, there are some negative effects even at low dosage, but they are usually mild and easy to control, especially if you’ve had experience with anabolic steroids.

Water retention

At the beginning of the cycle, you can experience moderate water retention, especially around wrists and ankles. It usually fades out in several weeks as fat goes away.

Joint pains

The growth of connective tissue and fluid retention is what causes pain in joints, so it’s not that bad actually: it means your HGH works. This side effect should also be gone in several weeks, but you can easily get rid of it by lowering the dose.

Headaches and flu-like symptoms

Headaches are a very common side effect of using Somatropin, which should not be noticed at low doses. More rarely, you can feel nauseous, dizziness, or generally unwell. Drop the dosage if the symptoms are really bad.

Numb feet and hands

This is not a dangerous symptom, it just means your HGH works. You can feel tingling in your limbs, which can be easily eliminated by adjusting the dose. Stretching your limbs and walking around can be help0ful as well.

The following symptoms may happen if you exceed the recommended dosage. The duration of the cycle can be quite long compared to anabolic steroids; it’s okay to run HGH for half a year, but if you go too high with the dosage, this can bring about severe health problems.


Somatropin can shut down your thyroid function, so if you use more than 4IU’s a day, add T3 (thyroid hormone) to the cycle to prevent the problem.

High blood sugar

Hyperglycemia is a common side effect in HGH users, and it can lead to type 2 diabetes if you don’t monitor your blood glucose levels. Even if the dosage is low, it’s better to keep an eye out. If you take this hormone for more than 3-4 months, you can add insulin to the cycle. It will help you prevent diabetes and keep the blood sugar at the level.

Growth of skull, and bones enlargement

You have to take HGH for several years and in high doses to see these side effects. If you’re sensible with the dosage and cycle length, you won’t see any consequences, like jaw, feet and hands growth, or organs enlargement.

No estrogenic or androgenic effects are possible with this drug, though gyno can rarely occur because of the way HGH works with estrogen. Women can safely use it, and men won’t need a PCT.


HGH works perfectly well as an addition to any cycle because it will significantly boost the results. It is therefore not very suitable for a beginner. Intermediate and advanced users will benefit much more from implementing Somatropin in the cycle.

Short cycles are useless in case of HGH, so the minimal cycle length is 16 weeks with up to 24 weeks possible, where you can expect to get peak results.

Here you have some examples on how you can stack HGH:

Beginner cycle: Testosterone Cypionate — Somatropin Cycle

Cycle length: 16 weeks

  • 400mg Test C weekly (for the last 8 weeks)
  • 4IUs HGH daily

This is the best cycle that a newbie can run with the addition of HGH. It will enhance the results of Testosterone, and you’ll gain more strength and significantly improve the physique.

Bulking / Cutting cycles: Trenbolone Enanthate — Testosterone Cypionate — Somatropin Cycle

Cycle length: 16-24 weeks (depends on how well you tolerate HGH)

During the whole cycle:

  • 6IUs HGH daily

The last half of the cycle:

  • 400mg Tren E weekly
  • 400mg Test C weekly

This one can be used both for mass gain and fat burn, depending on the diet and workout plan. It’s a great stack for intermediate users who are not ready to stack too many compounds but want more than a simple Testosterone cycle.

Testosterone-Enanthate — Testosterone-Propionate — Equipoise — Trenbolone-Acetate —Winstrol — HGH cycle

Cycle length: 16 weeks

  • Weeks 1-8: 250mg Testosterone-Enanthate each other day| 200mg Equipoise each other day
  • Weeks 9-16: 200mg Testosterone-Propionate each other day
  • Weeks 9-14: 100mg Trenbolone-Acetate each other day | 50mg Winstrol daily
  • Weeks 14-16: 100mg Trenbolone-Acetate daily | 100mg Winstrol daily
  • Weeks 1-15: 4iu HGH daily

You will also use an aromatase inhibitor, like Arimidex (1mg/eod), throughout the cycle.

This is a truly powerful stack for advanced users. You will get cut, vascular, and lean physique and enhance your performance. It is strongly advised that you add hCG to the PCT for the first 10 days. Then you’ll follow up with Nolvadex or Clomid for 5 weeks.


Somatropin is not based on a male hormone, unlike most anabolic steroids, so PCT is not required. Note that HGH is most often stacked with steroids, so if this is the case, PCT is mandatory. Its length and choice of the drugs will depend on the steroids you used.


Does HGH make you grow taller?

With HGH, your bones will become thicker and stronger but it will in no way make you taller.

Does HGH make you look younger?

It makes your skin look brighter, tighter and your hair and nails healthier. If you run it for a long time, it can make your whole appearance look as if you’re 5 years younger.

Is Human Growth Hormone Safe?

HGH is naturally produced by our bodies, in high amounts during childhood, and it reduces over the years. What you need to understand is that its exogenous version has to be taken very carefully, starting from low doses to see how you react to it. Serious consequences can appear if you run it for years, but if you’re sensible and adjust your cycles to your needs, then you’re likely to tolerate it better than many anabolic steroids.

Can it be used for bulking?

HGH improves recovery, bone strength, and gives you more energy, so it can be a perfect compound for every cycle. When it doesn’t add a lot of mass alone, it works great as a steroid enhancer.


Human Growth Hormone is a truly unique and beneficial compound. It is versatile and can be stacked with nearly any steroid out there. If used at lower doses, it can provide you with anti-aging effects, healing, and enhanced metabolism. With higher doses, you’ll be able to gain muscles, especially if added to powerful bulking cycles.

While this cycle is not often used by beginners, it is a favorite addition for advanced users. It is also relatively safe if compared to anabolic steroids. The key is to be sensible, and not to go crazy with the dosage.

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