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Cut Mix - Steroid Blend 200mg/mL - Apoxar

Cut Mix - Steroid Blend 200mg/mL - Apoxar

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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: Trenbolone, Testosterone, Masterone

Dosage and packing: 200 mg/ml (10 ml)

Cutting on anabolic steroids was never easy: you need to maintain your hard-earned muscle mass and lose fat at the same time. With Cut Mix by Apoxar — you can: 

  • Gain LEAN muscle mass — with nothing but pure and dry muscle tissue;
  • Avoid water retention and excessive puffiness that’d make you look bloated;
  • Increase your endurance and increase your workouts intensity;
  • Lose weight faster without losing muscles — thanks to anti-catabolic effects;
  • Avoid both excessive injections frequency — with Apoxar quality. 

You’ve probably heard that 90% of success in cutting and weight loss is made in the kitchen. Well, Cut Mix by Apoxar will improve your chances for success and make up for the remaining 10%. 

Cut Mix by Apoxar – Steroid Profile

cut mix is a perfect combination of anabolic steroids that help you lose fat and look leaner. it&rsquo,s not a brand-new compound, it&rsquo,s a blend of 3 popular cutting compounds: ,

  • trenbolone acetate &mdash, ,a powerful 19-nor steroid for lean bulking in a short ester,
  • drostanolone propionate &mdash, ,a fast bulker with partial serm (selective estrogen receptor modulator) properties for more dry muscles and faster gains,
  • testosterone phenylpropionate &mdash, a rare fast-acting ester of the most basic anabolic steroid of all, testosterone. ,

all three compounds are popular among the bodybuilders that aim at losing weight and hardening their physique. all three have the same vital property for cutting: ,

every substance in cut mix is dry, except for the testosterone, that you need anyway as a base for trenbolone. ,

it&rsquo,s a ready-to-use cutting mix that you would otherwise have to buy and inject separately. apoxar&rsquo,s premium quality guarantees that you will get the effects if you will eat with a slight deficit and work out, and third party lab test guarantees that your cut mix vial contains exactly what it says it does &mdash, with highest possible purity. ,

cut mix benefits: ,

  • lean muscle growth in 1,5-2 weeks,
  • fat loss boost, improved lipolysis,
  • no water retention and puffiness,
  • endurance boost for intensive cardio,
  • pharmacy grade quality and high purity,
  • 3rd party lab-tested, independent check.

accutane benefits: ,

  • the most effective anti acne drug,
  • eliminates acne and prevents new ones,
  • improves immunity,
  • proven drug known all over the world,
  • heals even the most severe cases,
  • pharmacy grade quality,
  • 3rd party lab-tested, independent check.

Cut Mix Protocol and Results

In terms of dosing Cut Mix by Apoxar — the only guideline you should look at is your own experience: 

  • 150 mg EOD (Every Other Day) is a great starting point because it’s convenient to measure (1mL) and high enough to see some benefits. Note that Cut Mix contains an extremely powerful steroid Trenbolone, so it’s not a low dose at all;
  • 200-400 mg is the area for more experienced athletes that know what they're doing and have tried Testosterone, Trenbolone, or Masteron before in other cycles;
  • Anything over 500 mg is nor recommended because at this point you will get the bloating effect from Testosterone, which is the last thing you need on a cut. 

The correct cycle length that would be both enough to get the effects and insufficient for the side effects to kick in is 8-12 weeks. 

Cut Mix by Apoxar works perfectly if you need a boost on a calorie deficit and you’re afraid of losing your mus

Cut Mix Dosage and Cycle: 

  • 15-200 mg EW for cutting if you’re a beginner;
  • 300-500 mg EW for extreme body recomposition (experienced athletes);
  • 8-12 weeks as a perfectly balanced cycle length.

Important Details on Cut Mix

  • Mix of 3 weight loss-boosting anabolic steroids;
  • Works with no extra compounds in the stack;
  • Apoxar premium quality and guaranteed result. 

Cut Mix Benefits

Cut Mix can’t lose weight for you, but it can provide you with the much-needed support on your cut. All the compounds in a stack work together, so the synergy results in: 

  • Prevention of muscle loss, your hard-earned gains will stay;
  • Hardened and more ripped look;
  • Lipolytic effects (burn fat faster, at a maximum healthy pace);
  • Workout effectively and with better intensity — the endurance and recovery boost;
  • Extra benefits, like pumps, mood improvement, vascularity, or increased sex drive. 

Note that you will get NO benefits if you’ll inject Cut Mix and lay down on your couch. it’s a BOOST for your workouts, not a replacement. You still need to go to the gym. However, with Cut Mix — every workout will get more effective. 

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