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Nolvadex - Tamoxifen (Anti-Estrogen, PCT) 20mg/50tabs - NovoPharm

Nolvadex - Tamoxifen (Anti-Estrogen, PCT) 20mg/50tabs - NovoPharm

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Brand: Novo-Pharm

Substance: Nolvadex - Tamoxifen

Dosage and packing: 20mg per tab (50 tabs)

Tamoxifen can be used as anti-estrogen during steroid cycle to prevent negative effects of high estrogen rate, including gynecomastia, but primarily it is used to stimulate and restore natural Testosterone levels post cycle. (Do not use Nolvadex after Trenbolone, Nandrolone, Oxymetholone cycles. Clomid only.) 

  • Usage: 10-40 mg/day


What is Nolvadex?

Nolvadex is one of the oldest effective SERM. It is both an antagonist and an agonist. Sometimes people mistakenly think that it is also an anabolic steroid, but this is not the case.

Nolvadex is usually used in PCT after anabolic steroid cycle, which is its most crucial property. Also, athletes take it to prevent estrogenic-related side effects during the cycle.

Besides, this drug is used to prevent and treat breast cancer in women and men.


  • Classification: SERM
  • Active Half-life: 5-7 days
  • Dosage: 10-40mg a day
  • Water Retention: No
  • Aromatization: No

Nolvadex Benefits

This drug blocks estrogen by binding to receptors in specific tissues and acts like real estrogen in other tissues by activating receptors at the hypothalamus and pituitary.

For men, this drug acts as an anti-estrogen. It stimulates increased production of gonadoliberin, resulting in increased production of the hormone prolactin and follicle-stimulating hormone, which, as a result, increases the production of testosterone.

This drug does not affect estrogen hormones' metabolism. During treatment, estrogens continue to be destroyed by liver enzymes and do not accumulate in the body.

How to Take Nolvadex?

Nolvadex is taken orally with a small amount of water. The usual standart doses ranges in 10-20mg, taking two times per day. 40mg per day is also OK for an initial dose.

The main indication for the use of Nolvadex is the prevention and treatment of gynecomastia; for this, you will need a dose of 10 to 20 mg per day for 4 weeks. (starting from the moment you notice the symptoms of its manifestation).

For PCT, a typical cycle is from 4 to 6 weeks, and often other compounds will be used, including an aromatase inhibitor and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Foe example:

  • Nolvadex (40mg/day for 2 weeks, then 20mg/day for next 2 weeks)
  • Gonadotropin during your cycle and one and a half months after your cycle to maintain results and prevent testosterone suppression. (2 injections per week, 250-500 IU for 4 weeks

Possible Side Effects and How to Avoid Them

Although it is a very well-tolerated SERM, it still has some side effects, but they are rare. It is worth noting that they can be seen a little more often in women than in men.

With the correct dosage, no side effects should occur. Otherwise, you may experience:

  • upset stomach
  • discharge
  • rash
  • acne

If you have any of these reactions, try to lover your Nolvadex dosage, and they should go away.

Acne can occur only in those people, who are genetically predisposed to it.

Popular Nolvadex Q&A

Could I have an overdose from Nolva?

As for the overdose, in the acute form, it is generally not observed. But, if there were cases, it was found that it causes severe neurotoxicity, resulting in dizziness, tremors, or unsteady gait.

These symptoms can be observed within three to five days after the start of therapy and three to five days after the end of the cycle.

What can Nolvadex affect?

The drug can cause impairment of the sleep and night sweats in women who use it for breast cancer. Also, it can provoke some mental processes like brain fog and other brain related side effects. These cases are rarely observed, and only in women.

Sometimes, it can cause acne in athletes, but only in those who are predisposed to it.

How is Nolvadex useful in bodybuilding?

The two main things for which athletes appreciate the substance are the reduction or prevention of the increase in gynecomastia when taking anabolic steroids and its positive regenerative effect on post cycle therapy to restore normal testosterone function.

It is one of the most popular and versatile drugs in this area.

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