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Primobolan Tabs 20mg/50tabs - Apoxar

Primobolan Tabs 20mg/50tabs - Apoxar

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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: Primobolan

Dosage and packing: 20 mg/tab (50 tabs)

Oral Primobolan, aka Methenolone, or just Primo, is a classic anabolic steroid from the 1960s. The majority of the options in today’s market come from underground labs and barely work. However, Apoxar Primobolan still can give you: 

  • Dry muscle gains (not extreme bulking, but still notable);
  • Boosted energy and endurance;
  • Leaner and more detailed look;
  • Easier weight loss and cutting;
  • Hardcore strength improvement by weeks 2 or 3. 

It’s a relatively mild but effective, blast-from-the-past option for today’s bodybuilders, especially for those who put quality and safety first.

Primobolan Methenolone - Steroid Review

Primobolan gained a significant popularity in the bodybuilding community because it’s one of the few anabolic steroids that you can run when you’re off-cycle safely: 

  • No nasty side effects — for BOTH male and female athletes;
  • Zero aromatization risks, because it’s DHT-based;
  • Great boost for your cutting cycle.

Enjoy your gains and watch your body transforming into a more muscular version of itself. It’s a faster version of the injectable Primobolan Depot in a more convenient oral form. 

Primobolan Benefits:

  • Lean muscle builder;
  • Little to no side effects, one of the safest options;
  • Prolonged half-life with excellent bioavailability;
  • Improves the details of your physique and makes it shredded;
  • Pharm-grade quality and high purity;
  • 3rd party lab-tested, independent check.

Primobolan Cycle and Results

Methenolone has a half-life of about 20 hours, so you have to take the pills every day. We recommend splitting the dose in 3-4 administrations to keep the steroid levels smooth. 

Because of the low side effects and general safety of Primobolan, your cycle can last up to 12 weeks with no major sides. 

Anecdotally, Primobolan by Apoxar shines best in high doses: 

  • 50 mg ED can do wonders to your physique; 
  • Up to 100 mg ED is universally considered the most effective dose. 

Some athletes raise their doses up to 1g of Primobolan, but you have to be aware that these doses are for the INJECTABLE version of the compound. 

Primobolan is your steroid of choice if you have time, enough funds for the cycle, AND put your health first. On Primo, your gains will come in the smoothest way possible.

Primobolan Dosage and Cycle:

  • 50-100 mg ED for the first cycle;
  • Shines best in high doses;
  • Cycle length is between 8 and 12 weeks;

Important Details on Primobolan:

  • Not aromatizing, not causing gynecomastia;
  • Mostly used for cutting cycles or as an addition to a stack;
  • One of the few true pharm-grade Primobolan manufacturers on the market. 

Primobolan (Methenolone) by Apoxar Benefits

Primobolan is known to give you mild but high-quality gains and a significant performance enhancement effects, including: 

  • Muscle growth — because of the improved IGF-1 production and better nitrogen retention;
  • Dry and shredded look — because of the DHT-based structure of the compound;
  • Strength boost — because you get more RBC, better oxidation of the muscles, and better endurance;
  • Anti-catabolic effects — meaning that your gains will build up slowly, but won’t go anywhere once you finish the cycle and hop on your PCT. 

One of the major downsides of Primobolan in today’s market is that it’s often faked. The majority of it is produced in underground and barely legal laboratories, in obviously poor quality. 

With Apoxar’s Primobolan tabs — it’s not the case. You get the exact compound you want, in premium quality, and a 3rd party independent lab test. These two facts ensure both the quality and the purity. 

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