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Bulk-Mix (Test E/Tren E/Masteron E) 400mg/mL - Apoxar

Bulk-Mix (Test E/Tren E/Masteron E) 400mg/mL - Apoxar

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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: Trenbolone, Testosterone, Masterone

Dosage and packing: 400mg/mL (10ml)

Bulk Mix by Apoxar is essentially what it says on the label: it’s a mix of anabolic steroids that is aimed at hardcre bulking and nothing else. You get: 

  • Muscle growth — faster and more notable than with all the compounds solo;
  • Strength boost and endurance improvement — from the synergy of the substances;
  • Insane pumps that last outside the gym and make your look massive;
  • An included Testosterone base with Enanthate long-acting ester tail;
  • The quality that’s guaranteed by both Apoxar and the independent 3rd party lab test. 

Apoxar Bulk-Mix (Test E/Tren E/Masteron E) Steroid Profile

When you need to bulk up — you either go and try to reinvent bulking from scratch with your own stack of steroids, or you just settle with a pre-made and pre-calculated mix. Bulk-mix is probably the best option with the latter.

Bulk-mix is a blend of 3 self-sufficient anabolic steroids: 

  • Trenbolone Enanthate — a powerful 19-nor bulker;
  • Masteron (aka Drostanolone) — another popular injectable bulking gear;
  • Testosterone Enanthate — basic anabolic steroid, both for bulking and as a base. 

It’s a classic stack used for mass gains and strength boost by athletes worldwide for decades now, but injecting every compound separately has multiple drawbacks: 

  • Every injection is an infection risk;
  • You need to track and adjust every substance in the protocol;
  • More money spent on syringes, disinfection, and so on. 

Bulk-Mix by Apoxar solves all these problems: you need just one injection to get the same effects, with practically NO drawbacks. Even the usual downside of pre-made mixtures, the poor quality, is alleviated by Apoxar’s highly appreciated professional approach to production. 

Bulk-Mix Benefits: 

  • Powerful bulking mix in one vial;
  • 3 extremely potent bulkers, working in synergy;
  • Strength boost and muscle growth;
  • Less health risks with fewer injections;
  • Pharmacy grade quality and high purity;
  • 3rd party lab-tested, independent check.

Bulk-Mix Protocol and Results

Anabolic steroids in blends work perfectly good by themselves, but if you really want to — you can add an extra oral steroid or other compounds to your cycle. We’d recommend trying the blend by itself first. 

The dosage depends on your stats and experience: from 200mg EW (either once a week or, for a more effective cycle, once every 3-4 days, with the dosage split in half) to 400-800 mg EW. The more experience with the compounds in a blend you have — the higher you can start. 

Cycle length depends on your targets: the most common duration is 10 weeks, but 8 or 12 wll do no harm as well.

Anything over 16 weeks would be considered abuse and we don’t recommend it. 

200 mg EW of Bulk-Mix by Apoxar in careful injections for 12 weeks is all you need for a powerful bulking cycle with insane results. 

Bulk-Mix Dosage and Cycle: 

  • Perfect dose for beginners — 400 mg EW;
  • For more experienced athletes — up to 800 mg EW;
  • 8-12 weeks cycle duration for a safe and notable result. 

Bulk-Mix Benefits

With three powerful mass growth anabolic steroids in a stack, working together, Bulk-Mix can deliver all the effects you need: 

  • Mass growth — with lean muscles, thanks to Trenbolone and Masteron;
  • Strength boost, expect your weights to go up by the end of week 1 or 2;
  • Safe cycling and limited suppression — because of the Testosterone base;
  • Faster recovery process — even after the toughest workouts;
  • Extra benefits, including mood improvement and vascularity (the veins). 

There’s no need to reinvent anything: Bulk-Mix by Apoxar is what it says. It’s a mix for bulking. Because of the IGF-1 improved production, the anti-catabolic properties of each substance, and the increased nitrogen retention — your muscles have no choice but to grow. Especially if you cycle it on a slight calorie surplus with high-protein foods in your diet. 

The purity of the blend (and the quality of each substance in it) and the concentration are guaranteed by a third party lab test. An independent quality check verifies that you get what you want — with all the effects you expect. 

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