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Stenabolic - SR9009 (Lean Muscle/Fat Loss) 10mg/50tabs - NEO Sarms

Stenabolic - SR9009 (Lean Muscle/Fat Loss) 10mg/50tabs - NEO Sarms

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Brand: NeoSARMS

Substance: Stenabolic - SR9009

Dosage and packing: 10mg/50tabs

  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Insignificant side effects
  • Usage: 30-40 mg/day

Quality Guaranteed: Lab Test Results


What is Stenabolic?

SR9009 is a potent SARM, which noticeably increases the endurance in training. It is a very popular steroid among athletes, primarily used to boost your performance to incredible levels, and it is not its last advantage.

The drug begins to work quickly and gradually affects the rhythm of tissues, liver, muscles and brain, thanks to what it is called a "biological clock".

With the ability to improve metabolism and utilize stored fat more efficiently, SR9009 can promote weight loss. It burns more fat faster without losing muscle tissue. A great benefit that it quickly gives any results.

Finally, Stenabolic is one of the best drugs for lean body mass. The standard cycle will already help you quite well, and, with the minimal risk of side effects.


  • Classification: SARM
  • Active Half-life: 4-6 hours
  • Dosage: 20-40mg a day
  • Water Retention: No
  • Aromatization: No

Stenabolic Benefits

  • The substance helps in the treatment of chronic obesity, heart failure and other similar conditions that cause muscle wasting.
  • One of the main benefits is an increasing of energy. This will be different from the state after taking coffee or energy drink, but the result will be impressive. When you start your workouts, then you will feel it in your body.
  • Stenabolic increases endurance by increasing blood circulation, as a result, the metabolism increases, which allows your body to generate energy faster. This way, you can do more reps in the gym, spend less time resting between sets, and do more reps with more weight.
  • The substance improves not only your athletic performance, but also your general condition. This will make your body feel more responsive, as if it were in a constant workout mode, increasing your basal metabolic rate.
  • The drug will burn fat 24/7. To achieve even faster results, it is best to follow the appropriate low-calorie diet and exercise regimen. For more effectiveness, you can try stack with Cardarine.

How to Take Stenabolic?

The drug is taken orally with a small amount of water. The dosage will differ depending on your purpose.

The standard dosage is 20 mg, which is suitable for almost everyone. It has a short half-life, so you need to take it 2-3 times a day, preferably 2 hours before training. The optimal cycle duration is 8 weeks.

Usually, a dosage of 30 mg per day is used, divided into 3 doses of 10 mg each. There are cases when up to 50mg is used per day on a cycle, but if you want to achieve maximum effects, it is better to combine with another compound.


Stenabolic does not suppress testosterone production at all, because it does not affect this hormone. This means that PCT is not required, but you should simply take a break for at least 6 weeks after the end of the cycle to allow the body to recover.

However, if you use some other drugs, then it will most likely be needed.

Female Use

Women do not need to worry about developing any masculine traits, as it will not cause these effects. The optimal dosage is considered to be 5-10 mg per day for 8 weeks.

Stenabolic Cycles

The substance is most often used as the only compound in a cycle, as it already yields excellent results. However, continuing users can combine it for better efficiency. Let's take a look at the different cycle variants:

SR-9009 only cycle

This is a powerful compound, so you can safely use it at the dose of 10mg or 20mg daily for at least 8 weeks, (if desired, then you can increase it to 30-40 mg per day) but it’s possible to go for up to 12 weeks.

SR-9009 cycle for endurance

Use 10-50mg of Stenabolic daily, and combine with 10 mg|day of Ligandrol. It will be an effective endurance stack.

A good combination with Cardarine - 10-20 mg per day with Stenabolic, will provide impressive performance gains.

Any of these stacks should last between 8 and 12 weeks.

SR-9009 cutting cycle

Use 10mg-20mg per day of Cardarine once a day, stacking with SR9009 at 20mg to 30mg daily (split into two or three doses). Take the drugs for 8 weeks. Neither of these compounds will require any PCT.

Possible Side Effects and How to Avoid Them

Stenabolic does not have strong expressive side effects  . It does not aromatize, so there are NO estrogen-related side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention, or high blood pressure.

It also has no androgenic activity, so you will NOT experience hair loss or acne, and women will not experience virilization. The drug does not suppress natural testosterone level and has any negative effect on the liver.

Of the negative effects with incorrect dosages, it can only cause insomnia; in this case, it is recommended to reduce its dosage, after which it should disappear.

Popular Stenabolic Q&A

What effects does Stenabolic provide?

This substance has a huge number of benefits and almost zero risk of side effects.

You can expect high-quality fat burning due to improved metabolic rate and marked improvements in your endurance or increasing muscle mass, especially if you include strength training and use other substances in the stack to increase the volume.

Expect impressive results; and remember to stick to a quality diet and exercise intensely throughout your cycle.

What is Stenabolic used for?

Stenabolic is primarily used to increase endurance and improve sleep quality, which may aid your recovery.

It promotes the use of stored fat for energy, and works better when combined with other more powerful fat burning compounds, such as Cardarine.

Besides, the substance also has some benefits for cholesterol and inflammation.

Do you need PCT after Stenabolic?

The PCT is not necessary while using Stenabolic, because it does not affect testosterone or other hormones.

However, in the case of combining a substance with an anabolic steroid that induces suppression, then you will need to do post-cycle therapy.

Thus, use:

  • Clomid (50 mg per day for the first two weeks and dropping to 25 mg per day during the last two weeks of PCT)
  • or Nolvadex (40mg/day for 2 weeks, then 40mg/day for next 2 weeks)

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