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Trenbolone Acetate (Fina) 100mg/ml - Apoxar

Trenbolone Acetate (Fina) 100mg/ml - Apoxar

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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: Trenbolone

Dosage and packing: 100 mg/ml (10 ml)

Trenbolone Acetate, or Tren Ace, by Apoxar is a fast-acting ester of the classic monster compound Trenbolone. It has a relatively short half life and can give you:

  • Hardcore muscular hypertrophy and rapid mass growth;
  • Strength and endurance boost;
  • Faster recovery after tough workouts;
  • Libido and sex drive improvement;
  • Confidence boost and overall mood improvement.

One of the best things about Tren is that it’s a dry 19-nor compound. It won’t make you bloated, won’t give you the “puffy” look, and will make every muscle on your body stand out.

Trenbolone Acetate by Apoxar - Steroid Profile

Tren Acetate by Apoxar is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids you can find. The word “Fina” in the name stands for Finaplix — it’s a veterinary predecessor of Tren Ace that was used for cattle.

Now, with Apoxar quality, you get the same level of gains — just more convenient (from a vial), safely (because it’s a premium manufacturer), and with no adverse effects that the old Finaplix from pellets would give.

Acetate is a short ester, meaning that the gear will give you all of its effects in under 72 hours. It’s the fastest form of Trenbolone that you can easily get with no hassle of finding rare versions in pure form.

The only 3 things you need to worry about are:

  • Cycling Trenbolone Acetate right;
  • Keeping your dosage moderate;
  • And enjoying your gains.

Apoxar is a reputable manufacturer, so you can rest assured that the vial contains exactly what it says, in high quality. And our 3rd party lab tests guarantee the purity of the gear.

Trenbolone Acetate Benefits:

  • The fastest ester of hardcore injectable steroid Trenbolone;
  • Rapid muscle growth and boosted fat burning;
  • Massive strength gains and easier recovery;
  • Safe and pure, manufactured by Apoxar;
  • 3rd party lab tested, independent quality proof.

Protocol and Results

Trenbolone Acetate is popular as a “solo” compound, but it should never be truly “solo” in your cycle. Because of the Nandrolone nature of the compound it can easily lead to shutdown. Always add a sufficient testosterone base to it.

You also can stack tren Ace with other gear, including:

  • WInstrol;
  • Anavar;
  • Testosterone;
  • Dianabol;
  • Trenbolone Enanthate (or in mixes like triTren by Apoxar).

Recommended dosage is 200mg as a starting point. You can take 300-400mg for a truly intensive bulking and go higher than 500mg if you’re an experienced athlete. It will, however, require HCG on PCT.

The healthy cycle length is between 8 and 12 weeks. Anything over that limit would lead to adverse health effects with no additional benefits.

Treat Trenbolone Acetate by Apoxar as a monster gear: it’s insanely powerful, 500% more powerful than your natural Testosterone. Be careful and enjoy your gains.

Trenbolone Acetate Dosage and Cycle:

  • 150-300mg EW for first cycle;
  • 300-700mg EW for PRO athletes and rapid bulking;
  • 8-10 weeks optimal cycle length.

Important Details on Trenbolone Acetate

  • Requires a full-scale PCT and possibly HCG;
  • A 19-nor compound, Test base is highly recommended;
  • Classic Finaplix from pellets, optimized for safe human use.

Trenbolone Acetate Benefits

It’s a monster injectable that’s popular both among beginner athletes and PRO bodybuilders (but we recommend it to PROs only because it takes some experience to handle the effects). On the list of unique benefits you get:

  • Rapid muscle growth — because of the short ester tail;
  • Lean mass, no water retention — because of the compound’s structure;
  • Strength boost — because of nitrogen retention and boosted IGF-1 production;
  • No rollbacks — because of the compound’s anti-catabolic properties;
  • Better endurance and pumping — because of the boosted red blood cell production. 
  • Self-confidence boost — because your T levels go through the roof. 

In addition, you get a notable improvement in sex drive. Trenbolone is notorious for causing issues if you don’t cycle it right, but if you do — your performance in bed will get a boost as well.

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